Celebration of Sellers

Artist Peter Sellers
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Comedy/Spoken
Label EMI Angel
Erschienen 1993


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   The Trumpet Volunteer Peter Sellers Hare, Peter Sellers 7:28
2   Auntie Rotter Peter Sellers Ron Goodwin, Monkhouse 3:08
3   All the Things You Are Peter Sellers Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II 2:12
4   We Need the Money Peter Sellers Hare, Peter Sellers 5:49
5   I'm So Ashamed Peter Sellers Hare 3:03
6   Party Political Speech Peter Sellers Max Schreiner 3:03
7   Balham- Gateway to the South Peter Sellers Muir, Norden, Ron Goodwin 6:04
8   Suddenly It's Folk Song Peter Sellers Fisher, Peter Sellers 5:20
9   Any Old Iron [*] Peter Sellers, Mate's Spoffle Group Featuring Fred Spoons Sheppard, Terry, Charlie Collins 2:56
10   Boiled Bananas and Carrots (Boiled Beef and Carrots) [*] Alfred The Grate&His Kings Of Collapso, Peter Sellers Murray, Charlie Collins 2:21
11   Unchained Melody [*] Peter Sellers Alex North, Hy Zaret 2:55
12   Dance With Me Henry [*] Peter Sellers Rogers, Johnny Otis, Hank Ballard 3:17
13   Dipso Calypso [*] Peter Sellers Grafton, Jordan 2:58
14   Never Never Land [*] Peter Sellers Beecher, Butler, Cromwell, Froboess, Stephens 2:30
15   A Drop of the Hard Stuff [*] Peter Sellers Fisher, Peter Sellers 3:17
16   Jakka and the Flying Saucers (An Interplanetary Fairy Tale) [*] Peter Sellers Hare 6:46
17   You Keep Me Swingin' Flange, Fred, Peter Sellers Fisher, Hare 2:56
18   So Little Time Peter Sellers Muir, Norden 6:38
19   Lord Badminton's Memoirs Peter Sellers Ron Goodwin, Max Schreiner 4:16
20   The Critics Handli, Irene, Peter Sellers Ron Goodwin, Max Schreiner 6:35
21   My Old Dutch Peter Sellers Ingle, C., Albert Chevalier 2:52
22   Face to Face Peter Sellers Ron Goodwin, Max Schreiner 2:14
23   In a Free State Peter Sellers Ron Goodwin, Max Schreiner 2:02
24   Puttin' on the Smile Peter Sellers Peter Sellers 5:29
25   Common Entrance Peter Sellers Muir, Norden 5:06
26   I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me (But We Know It Just the Same) Peter Sellers Dubin, fain, Kahal 1:16
27   Shadows on the Grass Handl, Irene, Peter Sellers Handl, Irene 6:38
28   Wouldn't It Be Loverly? Peter Sellers Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe 6:02
29   We'll Let You Know Peter Sellers Peter Sellers 3:37
30   Peter Sellers Sings George Gershwin Peter Sellers Peter Sellers 0:20
31   Fullers Earth [*] Peter Sellers, Graham Stark Monro-Smith 4:31
32   After the Fox [From the Film of the Same Name][*] Peter Sellers Burt Bacharach, Hal David 2:20
33   A Right Bird [*] Peter Sellers, John Junkin John Junkin 1:51
34   The House on the Rue Sichel [Some Voices Inspired by the Film "Soft Beds,] Peter Sellers Kretzmer, Lee 4:49
35   Goodness Gracious Me Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers Lee, Herbert Kretzmer 3:02
36   'Smith'-An Interview With Sir Eric Goodness Peter Sellers, Graham Stark, Sir Eric Goodness, An Interview Bricusse 5:38
37   Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo Sophia Loren Shepherd, B., Tew 2:22
38   Ukelele Lady Peter Sellers Gus Kahn, Richard A. Whiting 2:49
39   Setting Fire to the Policeman Peter Sellers Munro-Smith 5:54
40   Bangers and Mash Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers Kretzmer, Lee 2:35
41   Oh, Lady Be Good Peter Sellers George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin 3:46
42   To Keep My Love Alive Sophia Loren Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart 2:54
43   Why Worry? Peter Sellers Munro-Smith 2:28
44   Grandpa's Grave Peter Sellers Cavanaugh, dePaul, Gibson 3:20
45   I Fell in Love With an Englishman Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers Leslie Bricusse 4:30
46   Africa Today Peter Sellers Munro-Smith 3:53
47   Fare Thee Well Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers Fisher, Kretzmer 3:50
48   A Hard Day's Night [*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 1:50
49   She Loves You [Chinless Wonder][*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 1:32
50   Can't Buy Me Love [*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 1:30
51   She Loves You [*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 1:40
52   Yes It Is [*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 1:23
53   She Loves You [Inspired by Phil McCafferty-The Irish Dentist][*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 1:38
54   Help! [*] Peter Sellers John Lennon, Paul McCartney 2:25
55   Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent Peter Sellers William Shakespeare 1:58
56   Night and Day Peter Sellers Cole Porter 4:54
57   The All-England George Formby Finals: Chinese Laundry Blues/My ... Peter Sellers   - 14:06
58   Gefrunk Peter Sellers Mercer 3:33
59   Singin' in the Rain Peter Sellers Nacio Herb Brown, Arthur Freed 2:14
60   The Eaton Square Blues (For Musicians Only) Peter Sellers Clare, Crombie, Cole Porter 5:30
61   Peter Sellers Sings Rudolph Friml: Only a Rose Peter Sellers Rudolf Friml, Brian Hooker 0:58
62   The Cultural Scene: Compleat Guide to Accents of the British ... Peter Sellers   - 16:00
63   The Whispering Giant With Special Guest Irene Handl Peter Sellers Handl, Irene 3:16
64   New York Girls [*] Steeleye Span, Peter Sellers Traditional 4:40
65   Come to Me [*] Vocal Cameo, Tom Jones, Peter Sellers Henry Mancini, Donald Black 2:33
66   Thank Heaven for Little Girls [*] Peter Sellers Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe 1:33
67   We'll Meet Again [#][*] Peter Sellers Hughie Charles, Ross Parker   -

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