Best of the Charioteers

Artist The Charioteers
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Religious
Label Collectors' Choice Music
Erschienen 09.06.2003


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Way Down Yonder in New Orleans Henry Creamer, Turner Layton 2:21
2   I'm Getting Sentimental over You Ned Washington, George Bassman 3:06
3   Why Should I Complain? Lawrence, Cornelius, Paul Greenwood, Teddy McRae, Eugene Novello 2:49
4   Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Traditional 3:17
5   So Long Russ Morgan, Remus Harris, Irving Melsher 2:32
6   Calliope Jane Hoagy Carmichael 2:22
7   We'll Meet Again Hughie Charles, Ross Parker 3:09
8   I Understand Kim Gannon, Mabel Wayne 2:43
9   Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) Harry Barris, Billy Moll, Ted Koehler 2:59
10   Yes, Indeed! Sy Oliver 2:51
11   Elmer's Tune Dick Jurgens, Sammy Gallop, Elmer Albrecht 3:02
12   I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) Duke Ellington, Paul Francis Webster 3:13
13   On the Boardwalk (In Atlantic City) Josef Myrow, Mack Gordon 3:03
14   You Can't See the Sun When You're Cryin' Alan Roberts, Doris Fisher 2:48
15   Open the Door, Richard! Dusty Fletcher, Jack McVea, John Mason, Don Howell 3:17
16   Ride, Red, Ride Millinder, Lucius "Lucky", Lucky Millinder, Irving Mills 2:36
17   Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go to Sleep) Jerry Livingston, Al Hoffman, Mack David 3:05
18   On the Sunny Side of the Street Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields 3:13
19   Sleepy Time Gal Richard A. Whiting, Ange Lorenzo, Joseph Reed Alden, Raymond Egan B. 2:41
20   Oooh! Look-A-There, Ain't She Pretty? Carmen Lombardo, Clarence Todd 2:38
21   What Did He Say? (The Mumble Song) Charles Randolph Grean, Cy Coben 3:02
22   The Last Thing I Want Is Your Pity Frank Loesser 3:00
23   A Kiss and a Rose Green, Harry Phillip, Thomas Connor 3:10
24   Until Kohler, Hunter, Bob Crosby, Jack Fulton 2:36

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20.01.2004 CD Collectors' Choice Music 377