Artist Jazzie B.
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Elektronische Musik
Label Ministry of Sound
Erschienen 18.08.2008


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   Strategy Archie Bell & the Drells Carstarphen, McFadden, Whitehead 6:31
2   You Stepped into My Life Melba Moore Gibb, B., Gibb, M., Gibb, R. 7:34
3   I'll Be Your Pleasure Esther Williams Brown, Rodney, Willie Lester 7:24
4   Mr. Magician Mystic Merlin Jerry Anderson 5:04
5   Bad Luck Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Whitehead, John, Victor Carstarphen, Gene McFadden 6:35
6   Let's Get Together Coco Merria Ross 6:09
7   I Love It Lillo Thomas Jones, Paul Lawrence III 5:34
8   Eyes on You [2004 Digital Remaster] Dayton Hummons, D., Jones, C., Sandridge, S. 6:44
9   I Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart One Way   - 3:40
10   Good Loving Is Good Living Creative Source   - 4:46
11   Cocomotion Coco Lewis, Michael W., Laurin Rinder, Merria Ross 3:33
12   You Don't Know Serious Intention Malloy, A., Simpson, P. 6:04
13   I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing (Open Up the Door, I'll Get It M James Brown Brown, James 3:01
14   Blow Your Head Fred Wesley & the J.B.'s Brown, James, Fred Wesley 4:41
15   Glide Pleasure Nathaniel Philips 6:03
16   Do You Like It B.T. Express B.T. Express 5:47
17   Hollywood Swinging Kool & the Gang Bell, Robert Earl "Kool", Bro, Mickens, Robert Spike, Thomas, Dennis Ronald, Westfield, Richard Allen, Ronald Nathan Bell 3:25
18   Rigor Mortis Cameo Leftenant, Nathan David, Larry Blackmon, Arnett Leftenant 2:58
19   Brick House The Commodores King, William Jr., Orange, Walter Lee, Lionel Richie, Ronald LaPread, Milan Williams, Thomas McClary 3:14
20   Soul Man Sweet Charles Isaac Hayes, David Porter 2:43
21   I Know You Got Soul Eric B. & Rakim Brown, James, Bobby Byrd, William Griffin, Eric Barrier, Charles Bobbit 4:30
22   Bump & Hustle Music (Luv N' Haight) Tommy Stewart Stewart, W., Thomas, Wright, Bill R. 4:48
23   Tell Me What to Do Johnny "Hammond" Smith Johnny Hammond, Larry Mizell 5:04
24   Windy City (Theme) Windy City Orchestra Honore, Washington 4:25
25   Salsa Boogie Nolen & Crossley Raymond Crossley, Curtis Anthony Nolen 3:59
26   The Brutal House Nitro Deluxe Marin, A., Scretching, Y.M. 6:33
27   Can You Feel It Mr. Fingers Larry Heard 5:24
28   No Way Back Adonis Smith, Michael A. 4:00
29   Baby Wants to Ride Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Principle Knuckles, F., Walton, B. 7:37
30   Do What You Want 2 in a Room Pauletta, R., Vargas, R. 6:34
31   Jack the Groove Raze Vaughan Mason 5:58
32   Break 4 Love Raze Vaughan Mason 4:57
33   Children's Story Slick Rick Walters, Ricky 3:49
34   How I Could Just Kill a Man Cypress Hill Freese, Luis, Lowell Fulson, Jimmy McCracklin, Lawrence Muggerud, Senen Reyes 3:54
35   Fairplay [Wookie Mix] Soul II Soul Windross, Rosemarie, Paul Hooper, Beresford Romeo 4:52
36   Battle Wookie, Lain Chue, Gray 3:42
37   After All [S2S Special] Wookie, Lain Chue, Gray 4:45
38   I Care [Kenny's House Mix] Soul II Soul Morrison, Junie 5:35
39   Roots Jazzie B., Copyright Mills, Gavin "Face", Jazzie B., Sam Holt 4:47

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