Evening with Diana Ross

Artist Diana Ross
Bewertung  von 5
Genre R&B
Label Motown
Erschienen 18.01.1977


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Overture   - 2:35
2   Here I Am Burt Bacharach, Hal David 1:07
3   I Wouldn't Change a Thing Johnny Bristol 1:47
4   The Lady Is a Tramp Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart 2:18
5   Touch Me in the Morning Michael Masser, Ron Miller 2:48
6   Smile/Send in the Clowns Chaplin, C., Parsons, Turner 4:39
7   Love Hangover Marilyn McLeod, Pam Sawyer 4:43
8   Girls Phillips, Wintley 1:11
9   The Point   - 7:51
10   Lady Sings the Blues Herbie Nichols, Billie Holiday 0:59
11   'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do Percy Grainger, Clarence Williams, Robert Prince 1:01
12   I Cried for You (Now It's Your Turn to Cry over Me) Abe Lyman, Gus Arnheim, Arthur Freed 2:28
13   Aux Iles Hawaii Pascal Bastia 1:05
14   Stormy Weather/Jump in the Pot (And Let's Get Hot) Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler 2:32
15   I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl Brymn, Charlie Smalls, Paul Williams 2:50
16   My Man Albert Willemetz, Jacques Charles, Channing Pollack, Maurice Yvain 1:57
17   Motown Overture   - 0:38
18   Money (That's What I Want) Berry Gordy, Jr., Janie Bradford 0:40
19   Please Mr. Postman/Fingertips Brian Holland, Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Robert Bateman, Freddie Gorman 0:32
20   I Want You Back Berry Gordy, Jr., Alphonso Mizell, Freddie Perren, Deke Richards 0:47
21   You Keep Me Hangin' On/Baby Love Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 1:56
22   Someday We'll Be Together Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Jackey Beavers 1:49
23   Stop! In the Name of Love Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 0:58
24   You Can't Hurry Love Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 0:49
25   Reflections Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 0:21
26   My World Is Empty Without You Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 1:14
27   I Hear a Symphony Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 1:18
28   Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand) Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson 3:49
29   The Music in the Mirror   - 2:28
30   What I Did for Love   - 1:57
31   I Hope I Get It   - 1:44
32   Dance: Ten, Looks: Three Marvin Hamlisch, Edward Kleban 3:53
33   Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To) Gerry Goffin, Michael Masser 1:17
34   Ain't No Mountain High Enough Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson 4:08

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