Live at the Playboy Mansion

Artist Bob Sinclar
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Defected
Erschienen 24.08.2007


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   From East to West Voyage Chantereau, M., Dahan, P., Pezin, S. 4:03
2   Point Zero Voyage Chantereau, M., Dahan, P., Pezin, S. 3:06
3   See You Dancin' Junior Jack Gray, Zane, Hanks, Lee Ron, Vito Lucente 2:59
4   World of Love Bob Sinclar, Don Carroll Christophe le Friant, Don Carroll 2:47
5   At Midnight T-Connection Mackay, Annie B, Theophilus "T" Coakley 2:48
6   Bourgie, Bourgie John Davis & The Monster Orchestra Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson 5:00
7   Church Lady Dennis Ferrer, Danil Wright Dennis Ferrer 5:50
8   Beautiful People [C.J.'s Dub][Mix] Barbara Tucker India, Springsteen, L., Vega, L. 4:37
9   Get Hi [The Original Mix] Roger S. Sanchez, R. 2:39
10   There But for the Grace of God Go I Machine Darnell, A., Nance, K. 2:57
11   Newsy Neighbours First Choice   - 4:47
12   I'm a Man/Put Your Drink Down [Acapella] Mr. V, Macho Malavasi, Taylor, Steve Winwood 4:24
13   Midnight Train Afromento Hedi Benromdan, Stephane "Fudge" Juif 4:07
14   Melodies Made in U.S.A. Nerangis, Frieda, Britt Britton 3:09
15   Kiss My Eyes Bob Sinclar Wisniak, Alan, Bob Sinclar 5:00
16   Standing in the Rain Don Ray Cerrone, Don Ray 4:38
17   Dancer Gino Soccio Gino Soccio 4:06
18   Magic Fly Space Marouani, Didier "Ecama" 4:16
19   I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) Grace Jones Wilkey, Dennis, , Barry Reynolds 4:26
20   Tatiana-Glamourous Bof le Magnifique Claude Bolling 2:52
21   The Hustle Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony Van McCoy 3:21
22   Fifth of Beethoven Nassau Ludwig van Beethoven 2:50
23   Here Comes That Sound Love Deluxe Alan Hawkshaw 2:39
24   Burnin'up Imagination John, L., Jolley, S., Kennedy, Swain, T., A. Ingram 4:04
25   Like Some Dream (I Can't Stop Dreaming) Daniel Wang Daniel Wang 2:51
26   Moonshine KenLou3 Gonzalez, C.K., Vega, L. 3:41
27   Live with the BBQ Tom Trago Trago, T. 3:12
28   Moody ESG ESG 2:36
29   Get off My Case Comateens Nic North 3:10
30   Weekend Class Action Leroy Burgess, James Calloway 4:34
31   Let's All Chant Michael Zager Band Fields, Zager 4:24
32   Let's Start the Dance Bohannon Hamilton Bohannon 4:12
33   Goodnight Tonight Wings McCarney, Paul 4:02
34   I Wanna Go Bang Bob Sinclar Wisniak, A., Bob Sinclar 3:27
35   Love Explosion Alden Tyrell Hoogendijk, M. 5:10
36   Ten Thousand Woman Farrell Lennon, Art Of Disco By Accident In Paradise LeFriant, C., Lennon, F., Schreiner, Jg 5:50
37   Problemes d'Amour [Midnight Version] Alexander Robotnick Maurizio Dami 6:37
38   Our Lips Are Sealed Fun Boy Three Hall, Terry, Jane Wiedlin 3:30

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20.11.2007 CD Defected 01