Blue Gardenia

Artist Etta James
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Blues
Label Private Music
Erschienen 21.08.2001


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   This Bitter Earth Clyde Otis 4:20
2   He's Funny That Way Richard A. Whiting, Neil Moret (Chas. N. Daniels) 6:00
3   In My Solitude Irving Mills, Eddie DeLange, Duke Ellington 5:16
4   There Is No Greater Love Isham Jones, Marty Symes 5:18
5   Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying Joe Greene 5:18
6   Love Letters Edward Heyman, Victor Young 3:59
7   These Foolish Things Harry Link, Jack Strachey, Holt Marvell 5:14
8   Come Rain or Come Shine Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer 5:39
9   Don't Worry 'Bout Me Rube Bloom, Ted Koehler 5:52
10   Cry Me a River Arthur Hamilton 5:02
11   Don't Blame Me Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields 5:01
12   My Man Yvain-Albert, Maurice, Channing Pollack, Maurice Yvain 5:09
13   Blue Gardenia Bob Russell, Lester Lee 5:07

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21.08.2001 CD Private Music 11580