Place in the Sun

Artist Tim McGraw
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Country
Label Curb
Erschienen 04.05.1999


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   The Trouble with Never Tony Martin, Mark Nesler 4:14
2   Seventeen Chris Lindsey, Bill Luther, Aimee Mayo 3:18
3   She'll Have You Back Deryl Dodd, Allen Chancey 3:25
4   Somebody Must Be Prayin' for Me Frankie Vinci, Kris Bergsnes 3:52
5   My Best Friend Bill Luther, Aimee Mayo 4:39
6   Señorita Margarita Bob DiPiero, George Teren 3:50
7   Some Things Never Change Walt Aldridge, Brad Crisler 3:56
8   You Don't Love Me Anymore Kim Carnes, Greg Barnhill 3:42
9   Something Like That Rick Ferrell, Keith Follese 3:03
10   Please Remember Me Rodney Crowell, Will Jennings 4:55
11   Carry On Mark Collie, Hillary Kanter, Even Stevens 3:22
12   My Next Thirty Years Phil Vassar 3:37
13   Eyes of a Woman Rory Michael Bourke, Steve Mandile 3:47
14   A Place in the Sun Chris Lindsey, Steve Dukes 4:18

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Weitere Releases von Place in the Sun

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
04.05.1999 Kassette Curb 77942
04.05.1999 CD Curb 77942
31.05.1999 CD London 5561122