Finely Tuned

Artist Dr. Feelgood
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Grand (import) (UK)
Erschienen 19.11.2002


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   She Does It Right Wilko Johnson 3:21
2   The More I Give Wilko Johnson 3:23
3   You Shouldn't Call the Doctor (If You Can't Afford the Bills) Wilko Johnson 2:34
4   Roxette [Live] Wilko Johnson 2:53
5   Going Back Home [Live] Wilko Johnson, Mick Green 3:41
6   I Don't Wanna Know Lee Brilleaux, John Mayo 2:42
7   Down at the Doctors Mickey Jupp 3:15
8   Milk and Alcohol Nick Lowe, John Mayo 2:50
9   Going Some Place Else Wallis 2:16
10   Best in the World Nick Lowe 2:33
11   Sweet Sweet Lovin' (Gone Sour on Me) Staines 2:48
12   Beautiful Delilah Chuck Berry 2:10
13   Murder in the First Degree Bernadie, Kelly Jay 2:42
14   Something Out of Nothing Rowbotham, Steve Walwyn 2:36
15   Alimony [#] Garonna, Frankie Ford, M. Smith 2:47
16   You Don't Love Me Willie Cobbs 2:52
17   Mad Man Blues John Lee Hooker 2:23
18   Something Good Gordon Russell 2:17
19   Hunting Shooting Fishing Will Birch, Gordon Russell 3:14
20   Don't Underestimate Your Enemy Gordon Russell 3:14
21   Down by the Jetty Blues Dr. Feelgood, Will Birch 5:51
22   Double Crossed Steve Walwyn 3:26
23   Solitary Blues Bronze 4:29
24   The Walk Jimmy McCracklin 3:02
25   You Gotta Help Me Willie Dixon, Ralph Bass, Sonny Boy Williamson 4:51

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Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
16.03.2004 CD Grand (import) (UK) GRANDCD-25
19.08.2003 CD Grand (import) (UK) GRANDCD-25
19.11.2002 CD Grand (import) (UK) 25