Psyche Out

Artist Optimo
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Elektronische Musik
Label Eskimo Records
Erschienen 10.05.2005


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   Gravitation Arch of 10 Vapourspace Gage, M. 0:42
2   Hash Cake '77 Hawkwind House, Shaw, Dave Brock, Andy King 3:58
3   Oscillations Silver Apples Stanley, W. 2:18
4   Rise [DFA Mix] Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom Gavin Russom, Delia Gonzalez 3:18
5   Durch Die Nacht [Geiger Mix] Andreas Dorau, Justus Köhncke Dorau, A., Köhncke, J. 5:37
6   Acid Thunder [Fast Eddy Mix] Fast Eddie Smith, E. 3:10
7   He's Gonna Take You Home (To This House) [Instrumental] Sinnamon Brathwaite, W., Jones, G., Payne, D. 1:03
8   Raindance Herbie Hancock Hancock, H. 0:59
9   Mad Jack Sweet Exorcist Barrett, Richard H. Kirk 1:04
10   Life Support System Donato, Damien Thee, Vitamin H.M.C. 1:44
11   Hot on the Heels of Love [Carl Craig Re-Version][Mix] Throbbing Gristle Gristle, Thrabbing 3:27
12   Game from Planet Onchet Hole in One Hol, M. 5:46
13   Bear Cage The Stranglers Cornwell, H., Greenfield, D., Jacqu, J. 0:39
14   Washing Machine Mr. Fingers L. Heard 3:01
15   Walking Through Heaven Chris & Cosey Cater, C., Tutti, C. Fanni 4:34
16   Walk the Night Skatt Bros Andez, D., Fontana, R. 3:32
17   Test One/Theme from Great Cities Simple Minds, Acid Test Burchill, C., Flügel, R., Kerr, J., McNeil, M. 3:33
18   Yeah You [Robert's Mix] Step Barrett, Downs, Hazel 0:47
19   The Sublime Moment Systeme Imaginique Braak, L., Van Den Bergh, J. 3:33
20   Papa Was a Rollin' Stone The Temptations Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield 4:54
21   Carousel Koenig Cylinders Chesler, O., Selway, J. 2:41
22   Kiss Me Again Dinosaur L Arthur Russell 8:15
23   Time Has Come Today The Chambers Brothers Chambers. W., Rubinson, D., Joseph Chambers, B.D. Irwin 4:19
24   Johnny Cash Sons and Daughters Sons and Daughters 3:28

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Weitere Releases von Psyche Out

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
10.05.2005 CD Eskimo Records 013341
10.05.2005 CD Eskimo Records 501334
11.07.2006 LP Eskimo Records 501335
11.07.2006 LP Eskimo Records 501335