In My Wildest Dreams

Artist Kenny Chesney
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Capricorn
Erschienen 1994


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Whatever It Takes Buddy Brock, Kenny Chesney, Kim Williams 3:01
2   Somebody's Callin' Kenny Chesney, Donny Kees 2:36
3   The Tin Man Kenny Chesney, David Lowe, Stacey Slate 3:28
4   High and Dry Mike Geiger, Mike Huffman, Woody Mullis 2:57
5   I Finally Found Somebody Kenny Chesney, Donny Kees 2:40
6   When She Calls Me Baby Williamson, Rick, Kenny Chesney 3:34
7   In My Wildest Dreams Aaron Tippin, Donny Kees 2:37
8   I Want My Rib Back Fred Koller, Keith Whitley 2:54
9   Angel Loved the Devil Neil Thrasher, Kim Williams 3:30
10   I'd Love to Change Your Name Kenny Chesney, Donny Kees, Jim Weatherly 2:48

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Weitere Releases von In My Wildest Dreams

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
CD Capricorn 42023
17.05.1994 Kassette Capricorn 42023
17.05.1994 CD Capricorn 42023
27.07.2004 CD BNA 62661
04.09.2006 CD CMG 700840