DJ's Take Control, Vol. 3

Artist Deep Dish
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Elektronische Musik
Label ONE Records
Erschienen 03.06.1996


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   This Time [Carl Craig Mix] Jonny L Jonny L   -
2   Lost in Space [Deep Dish Mix][#] Dished Out Buns Shirazinia, A., Tayebi, S.   -
3   Deliver Me [Jazz-N-Groove Mix] Urban Blues Project Marc Pomeroy, Brian Tappert, Michael Procter   -
4   Past and Present [Jazz-N-Groove Mix] RMA Marc Pomeroy, Dick Shelly, Daniel Powell   -
5   Reach Higher [Todd Terry House Dub & Swing 52 Mix] Unknown Society Canderlario, B., Walter Rollins   -
6   Work Your Body [#] Electronic Ruffness George Lanes   -
7   Jazz Fuc Idjut Boys, Laj & Quakerman Laj, Idjut Boys   -
8   Won't Stop da Beat [Deep Dish Mix] Dished Out Buns Shirazinia, A., Tayebi, S.   -
9   Spiritu Indio George Lanes George Lanes   -
10   Aha Laid Back Luke Laidback Luke   -
11   Pons [Dobre & Jamez Mix] R-Factor Dobre   -
12   Walk So Lonely St. Germain Ludovic Navarre   -
13   Feeling Happy Filthy Rich Ron Crisco   -
14   Disco Revenge Gusto Green, E., Mason, J.   -
15   I Want You (She's So Heavy) [Eric Kupper Mix][#][*] Groove Collective John Lennon, Paul McCartney   -
16   Be Free Basement Jaxx F.B., Ratclife, S.   -
17   I'm So Grateful [Roc-N-Kato's Master Mix] Kings of Tomorrow Alexander, S., Frisby, R., Riviera, S., A. Tyler   -
18   Let It All Out Work Session 3 Basoski, O.   -
19   Satori [New Satori Sonic Mix] Satori Shirazinia, A., Victor Imbres   -
20   Sex on My Mind [DJ Pierre Mix] Urban Soul R. Clark   -
21   Heaven Knows (I Can't Understand) [Sound Factory Mix] Angel Moraes Angel Moraes, Basil Rodericks   -
22   Hideaway [Ali Needs to Score Mix] Trancesetters Dobre, Jamez   -
23   Until We Meet Again [Hani's Heavenly Mix] Urban Soul R. Clark   -
24   Reach Out to Me [Paper Boys Early Morning Mix] Karen Pollack Cameron, M., Perez, E.   -
25   Philadelphia Brooklyn Friends David Morales   -
26   Nada Mas XS Jean-Phillippe Aviance   -
27   Fly to the Moon [Mood II Swing Mix] Indigo Waldeck, K.   -
28   Giv Me Luv Alcatraz Phillipe, J., Victor Imbres   -

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Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
1996 ONE Records 028
04.06.1996 Kassette ONE Records 28