Hopeless Romantic

Artist Pat Boone
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Vokalmusik
Label The Gold Label
Erschienen 07.02.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Still Waters Run Deep Wilson, Frank, Smokey Robinson 4:10
2   Too Late to Turn Back Now Cornileus, Eddie 4:26
3   Crazy Little Thing Freddie Mercury 2:16
4   Let's Really Make Love Pat Boone, Michael Sutton 4:37
5   We Would Fall in Love Jonathan David Brown 3:34
6   I Love You Truly   - 2:17
7   I Need You Pat Boone 3:24
8   Hopeless Romantic Lathan, Bobby Lo, Michael Sutton 4:04
9   Kiss in the Kitchen Pat Boone 3:28
10   Waltz for the Lonely Goodwin, Randy, Chet Atkins, Pat Boone 4:22
11   I'll Be Loving You Tonight Pat Boone 4:12
12   She's out of My Life Tom Bahler 3:19
13   Wishful Thinking Marcellino, Jacko, Randy Handley 3:59
14   You Made My Life a Love Song Pat Boone, Chris Caswell, Paul Williams 5:06

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Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
07.02.2006 CD The Gold Label 12