Return to Paradise Islands

Artist Bing Crosby
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Vokalmusik
Label Collectors' Choice Music
Erschienen 1963


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Return to Paradise Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington 3:21
2   The Hukilau Song Jack Owens 2:15
3   The Old Plantation J. R. Shannon, David Nape, Mary A. Montano 3:48
4   Lovely Hula Hands R. Alex Anderson 2:56
5   Love and Aloha Johnny Blaisdell 3:19
6   Keep Your Eyes on the Hands Tony Todaro, Mary Ann Johnston 2:46
7   Adventures in Paradise Lionel Newman, Dorcas Cochran 3:17
8   Frangipani Blossom Ray Evans, Jay Livingston 2:51
9   Forevermore Milt Raskin, Charles E. King 3:24
10   Farewell My Tane Johnny Noble, August Goupil, Richard Gump 3:59
11   Beautiful Kahana Charles E. King, Mary A. Montano 3:44
12   Home in Hawaii (King's Serenade) Paul Francis Webster, Charles E. King 3:08
13   Return to Paradise (False Start and Studio Chatter) [*] Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington 1:00
14   My Little Grass Shack (In Kealakakua, Hawaii) [*] Bill Cogswell, Johnny Noble, Tommy Harrison 2:26
15   The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai [*] R. Alex Anderson 2:15
16   Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula [*] Joe Young, Pete Wendling, E. Ray Goetz 2:31
17   Ukulele Lady [*] Gus Kahn, Richard A. Whiting 2:22
18   King's Serenade [*] Hal Aloma, Charles E. King 2:13

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18.05.2010 CD Collectors' Choice Music 21052