Redemption, Vol. 4

Artist Ruff Ryders
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rap
Label Artemis Records
Erschienen 26.07.2005


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   Ruff Ryders 4 Life The LOX, Ruff Ryders J.C. Phillips, L. Lunnon, D. Styles, S. Jacobs 4:17
2   If It's Beef... Flashy Fragrant, Ruff Ryders, Jadakiss, InfaRed, Kartoon Neal, F., J.C. Phillips, T. Franklin, Q. Atkinson, S. Green 5:00
3   Knock Knock Ruff Ryders, Drag-On, Chocolate Ty A. Simmons, T. Gates, M. Smalls 3:41
4   What They Want Cross, Ruff Ryders, InfaRed, Cross K. Dean, S. Martin, S. Green 3:25
5   Ghetto Children P., Styles, Cross, Bunny Wailer, Ruff Ryders, InfaRed, Styles P, Snypah, Cross Livingston, N., Ricketts, J., Neville Livingston, S. Martin, D. Styles, L. Coppin, S. Green 3:15
6   Dame Reggaeton (Skit) Ruff Ryders   - 1:37
7   Dame Reggaeton Pirate, Noreaga, Ruff Ryders Almonte, E., A. Cintron, V. Santiago 4:02
8   What Ryders Do Ruff Ryders, AJA, Kartoon, Scarlett Hunter, O., Ingram, I., A. Smith, T. Franklin, L. Lunnon, B. Grobman 4:25
9   Stay Down Flashy Fragrant, Ruff Ryders, Akon Harm, A., Neal, F., A. Haim 4:12
10   Get Wild DMX, Flashy Fragrant, Ruff Ryders, Jadakiss, Kartoon J.C. Phillips, T. Smith, T. Franklin, S. Storch, E. Simmons 3:12
11   Blood in the Streets Ruff Ryders, Kartoon D. Drew, T. Franklin 3:24
12   Stupid B**cH Ruff Ryders, Aja Smith Patrino, A., Walters, G., A. Smith, A. Parrino, B. Grobman 3:24
13   Aim 4 the Head Ruff Ryders, Jin, Cassidy, J-Hood Auyueng, J., K. Dean, J.F.T. Hood, B. Reese 3:36
14   Throw It Up Ruff Ryders, Drag-On Bullock, K., Q. Atkinson, M. Smalls 3:09
15   Keep the Gunz Cocked [If It's Beef...RMX] Flashy Fragrant, Ruff Ryders, Jadakiss, InfaRed, Kartoon D'Agostino, J., Neal, F., J.C. Phillips, T. Franklin, Q. Atkinson, S. Green 5:28
16   Dale Poppi Dale Pirate, Ruff Ryders Pabon, M., A. Cintron, R. Rodriguez 3:14
17   100 Bars of Crack [*] Flashy Fragrant, Ruff Ryders I. Hayes III, Neal, F. 5:40
18   So Serious [*] Ruff Ryders, L.T. Skinner, S., Lynne Timmes, A. Roman 3:39

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Weitere Releases von Redemption, Vol. 4

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
26.07.2005 LP Artemis Records 51713
19.09.2005 LP Rykodisc 39114131
2005 CD Rykodisc/Artemis 4023
26.07.2005 CD Artemis Records 51713