Back on the Tyne

Artist Lindisfarne
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Eagle Records
Erschienen 22.04.2003


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Meet Me on the Corner Rod Clements 2:41
2   Oh Donna Ritchie Valens 3:57
3   All Fall Down [Live] Alan Hull 3:12
4   Rhythm of the Rain John Gummoe 3:39
5   Run for Home [Live] Alan Hull 3:41
6   Clear White Light Alan Hull 4:45
7   Mother Russia [Live] Alan Hull, Ken Craddock 6:00
8   Medley: Speedy Gonzales/Little Darling/Dreamin/La Bamba Ellis, Hill, Lee, Vorzon, Williams, Buddy Kaye, Traditional 7:14
9   January Song [Live] Alan Hull 4:00
10   Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Carole King, Gerry Goffin 2:52
11   Breakfast [Live] Alan Hull 3:25
12   Fog on the Tyne Alan Hull 3:15
13   Lady Eleanor Alan Hull 4:14
14   We Can Make It [Live] McCallum, Alan Hull 4:42
15   This Heart of Mine [Live] Phillipson, Alan Hull 6:19
16   Warm Feeling Ray Jackson, Charlie Harcourt 4:21
17   Road to Kingdom Come [Live] Rod Clements 6:31
18   Mr in Between Alan Hull 2:27
19   City Song [Live] Alan Hull 3:53
20   Love You More Than I Can Say Curtis, J.I. Allison 3:28
21   Day of the Jackal [Live] Alan Hull 4:23
22   Walk in the Sea [Live] Alan Hull 3:52
23   Run for Home [Different Version][Live] Alan Hull 5:07

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26.11.2002 CD Eagle Records 131
24.09.2002 CD Eagle Records 3131