Nothing Was Sweeter Than

Artist Boswell Sisters (The Boswell Sisters)
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Vokalmusik
Label El Records
Erschienen 20.11.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   We're on the Highway to Heaven Burke, Dubin 3:14
2   That's What I Like About You Walter Donaldson 2:55
3   Heebie Jeebies Atkins, Boswell 2:55
4   When I Take My Sugar to Tea Fain, Kahal, Norman 3:13
5   Shout Sister Shout Bryman, Hill, Williams 3:16
6   I Found a Million Dollar Baby Dixon, Rose, Warren 3:15
7   Sing a Little Jingle Dixon, Warren 3:08
8   It's You Razaf, Waller 3:08
9   It's the Girl Oppenheim, Abel Baer 3:17
10   I Can't Write the Words Fields, Marks 3:07
11   Concentratin' on You Razaf, Walter 3:16
12   Nothing Is Sweeter Than You Charles 3:05
13   Put That Sun Back in the Sky Kahal, Mayer 3:00
14   Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea Arlen, Koehler 3:03
15   If It Ain't Love Razaf, Redman, Waller 2:56
16   Got the South in My Soul Washington, Wiley, Young 2:59
17   Doggone I've Done It   - 3:01
18   We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye Woods 2:42
19   It Don't Mean a Thing Irving Mills, Duke Ellington 3:15
20   Crazy People Leslie, Monaco 2:33
21   Mood Indigo Bigard, Ellington, Mills 3:14
22   That's How Rhythm Was Born Johnson, Schwartz, Whiting 3:01
23   Coffee in the Morning (Kisses in the Night) Dublin, Warren 2:57
24   The Object of My Affection Grier, Poe, Tomlin 3:22
25   Dinah Akst, Lewis, Young 3:02

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20.11.2006 CD El Records 92