Best of the Crew Cuts

Artist The Crew Cuts (The Crew-Cuts)
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Polygram
Erschienen 29.05.2001


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Crazy 'Bout Ya Baby Pat Barrett, Rudy Maugeri 2:25
2   Sh-Boom James Edwards, Claude Feaster, James Keyes, Floyd McRae 2:48
3   I Spoke Too Soon Alice Sims, Ira Kosloff 2:18
4   Oop Shoop Joe Josea 2:23
5   Do Me Good Baby Care, Ralph, Bernie Wayne 2:26
6   Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) Jake "Vernon" Porter, Eunice Levy, Forest Wilson 2:38
7   Earth Angel Curtis "Fitz" Williams 2:55
8   Chop Chop Boom Tab Smith, Willis Taylor 2:08
9   This Is My Story Eunice Levy, Gene Forrest 2:52
10   Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Make One Love) Curtis "Fitz" Williams, Harry Stone 2:40
11   Don't Be Angry Nappy Brown, Fred Madison, Rose Marie McCoy 2:10
12   Mostly Martha Cochram, Ralph Sterling 2:41
13   A Story Untold Giffin 2:27
14   Angels in the Sky Dick Glasser 2:25
15   Gum Drop Rudy Toombs 2:38
16   Seven Day Willis Taylor 2:46
17   Honey Hair, Sugar Lips, Eyes of Blue Dick Richards 2:06
18   Out of the Picture Irving Roth, Joe Lubin 2:26
19   Tell Me Why Titus Turner 2:11
20   Young Love Rick Cartey, Carol Joyner 2:30
21   Be My Only Love Twigg, Calvin Carter 2:05
22   I Like It Like That Calvin Carter, Pirkle Lee Moses, Jr., Dorcas Cochran 2:13

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