Choice: A Collection of Classics

Artist Frankie Knuckles
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Elektronische Musik
Label 3MV
Erschienen 14.11.2000


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   Let's Do It Convertion Martha Williams 5:23
2   You Saved My Day Cheryl Lynn Charles May 3:50
3   Love Bug Bumblebee Unlimited Patrick Adams 4:54
4   We Got the Funk Positive Force Williams, Reynolds, Nate Edmonds, Martha Williams 6:33
5   Do You Like the Way That It Feels Tempest Trio Morgan, E., Murphy, B. 3:22
6   Can You Handle It Sharon Redd Rodney Brown, Willie Lester 5:10
7   Billy Who? Billy Frazier & Friends Frazier, Billy, Smith, Jimmy 4:58
8   Thousand Finger Man Candido L. Small 5:31
9   Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) Billy Ocean Billy Ocean, Nigel Martinez 4:12
10   Change Paradise Romani, Willloughby, Mauro Malavasi 4:06
11   I Want You for Myself George Duke George Duke 5:40
12   Night Cruiser Deodato Deodato, David Bravo 4:36
13   A Little Bit of Jazz Nick Straker Band Bailey, N. 2:43
14   Inside America Jones, Juggy Murray Waymon, Ken, Juggy Murray 4:27
15   I'll Be Waiting Clive Griffin Niles, Clive Griffin 6:32
16   Feel It Adonte Bannerman, S. 8:07
17   I Want You Starpoint Tammy Lucas, Eddy Riley 5:59
18   What Is This Thing Called Love? Alexander O'Neal James Harris, T. Lewis 3:42
19   I'm Gonna Love You Jestofunk Farias, F., Staderini, A., Claudio Moz-Art Rispoli 4:37
20   Notice Me Sandeé Robert Clivillés 4:25
21   Back to Life (However Do You Want Me) Soul II Soul Caron Wheeler, Paul Hooper, Simon "The Funky Ginger" Law, Beresford Romeo 3:49
22   Set Your Loving Free Lisa Stansfield Ian Devaney, Andy Morris, Lisa Stansfield 5:35
23   G-Man's Groove Mental Instrum Goody, Roddrick 4:40
24   Symphony Donell Rush Hurley, Steve, Mohr, M., Savage, C., Donell Rush 5:12
25   What You Need Soft House Company Montefiori, F., Claudio Moz-Art Rispoli 7:26

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