This Is Daniel O'Donnell

Artist Daniel O'Donnell
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Vokalmusik
Label Honest
Erschienen 13.05.1997


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Moonlight and Roses Neil Moret (Chas. N. Daniels), Edwin H. Lemare, Ben Black 2:29
2   I Just Want to Dance With You John Prine, Roger Cook 2:48
3   Danny Boy Frederick Edward Weatherly 4:02
4   Roses Are Red (My Love) Paul Evans, Al Byron 2:58
5   Never Be Anyone Else But You Baker Knight 2:19
6   The Wedding Joaquin Prieto, Fred Jay 3:02
7   Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) Jimmie Hodges 3:10
8   Marianne Leigh, Richard C 3:12
9   The Love in Your Eyes Nick Newell 4:01
10   You're the Reason Terry Fell, Bobby Edwards, James F. Hanley, Mildred Imes 2:34
11   The Three Bells Jean Villard, Bert Reisfeld 3:10
12   How Great Thou Art Stuart K. Hine 4:22

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Weitere Releases von This Is Daniel O'Donnell

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
13.05.1997 Kassette Honest 6001
13.05.1997 CD Honest 6001