Ain't Nothing But a Party

Artist The Gap Band
Bewertung  von 5
Genre R&B
Label Raging Bull Records
Erschienen 05.05.1995


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Where's My Glasses? Cam Wilson 0:08
2   First Lover Cam Wilson, Amanda Rushing 4:47
3   Closin' the G.A.P. D-Low, Turner, Paris 5:26
4   Got It Goin' On Val Young, Raymond Calhoun, Cam Wilson 6:16
5   You Dropped a Bomb on Me [The Remix] Lonnie Simmons, Rudy Taylor, Charlie Wilson 3:55
6   Love at Your Fingertips Florsett, Theoplas, Whitfield, Lance, Deyon Dobson 4:50
7   Shake Dat Booty   - 4:22
8   Here We Go Cam Wilson, Ronnie Wilson 0:31
9   Over the Funkin' Hill [Featuring George Clinton] Cam Wilson, Ronnie Wilson 4:21
10   Closin' the G.A.P. [Extended Club Edit][Edit] D-Low, Turner, Paris 6:39
11   Why You Wanna Funk Around   - 4:39
12   Got It Goin' On, Pt. II   - 0:58

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Weitere Releases von Ain't Nothing But a Party

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
02.05.1995 Kassette Raging Bull Records 2003
CD Raging Bull Records 2003