Dance Mix NYC, Vol. 3

Artist Riddler
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Elektronische Musik
Label Tommy Boy
Erschienen 08.04.2003


# Song Künstler Komponist Dauer
1   The Sound of Violence [Narcotic Thrust Remix] Cassius Boombass, Steve Edwards, Philippe Zdar 3:57
2   Back in the Morning Neja Timmity-Lachola 4:00
3   Never (Past Tense) Tina Arena, The Roc Project Checo, R., Hallberg, P., S Malm, A.C. Lorenzo, M. Reich, P.C. Lewis 4:55
4   Anyway (Men Are from Mars) [Al B. Rich Remix] Amber Marie-Claire Cremers, Wolfram Dettki 5:48
5   No Way No How [Al B. Rich Remix] Jocelyn Enriquez Balconis, R., Robert, D. 4:29
6   Mr. Lonely [HQ2 Remix] Deborah Cox Russell, Ahmad, Eric Jones, Eric Johnson, D. Christopher "Q-Pid" Jennings 4:57
7   Bottles and Cans [Guido Osorio Homeless Mix] Angie Stone Gerald Isaac 4:39
8   Dark Beat [Giuseppe d's HandS in the Air Mix] Oscar G., Ralph Falcon Ralph Falcon, Oscar Gaetan 4:46
9   Hum Melody Robbie Rivera Ned Bigham 4:10
10   Talk to Me [Supercharged Mix] K-Klass, Kinane Hall, Whitecross, Parkes Stewart, K-Klass 5:59
11   At the End [Johnny Vicious Mix] iiO Ali, N., Melanie Moser 4:21
12   Shake It [Tribal Mix] Marascia Kortezman 2:59
13   In This World [Atfc Southern Fried Vocal Mix] Moby Moby 3:18
14   E [Extended Mix] Drunkenmunky Bass, Dudler, Horn, Mathers, Al "T" McLaren 2:57
15   Say You Will [Pulsedriver Remix] Halo Ford, Tommy Who 4:50
16   Look @ Me Now [Extended Mix] Jessy Regi Penxten 4:30

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08.04.2003 CD Tommy Boy 1564