Mountain Preacher's Child

Artist Ralph Stanley
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Country
Label Rebel
Erschienen 03.04.2007


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   The Keys to the Kingdom   - 1:50
2   Troublesome Waters Karnes, J.B., Ernest Rippetoe 3:09
3   Walking Up This Hill on Decoration Day Preston, Ronnie 3:32
4   Mountain Preacher's Child Vaughn, James D. 1:59
5   The Man in the Middle Thomas Campbell 2:14
6   Just Over the Stars   - 2:44
7   I'll Wear a White Robe Presley, Luther G. 2:12
8   The God That Never Fails Marshall, David 1:58
9   The Little Old Church by the Road Laminack, L.C. 3:41
10   Snow Covered Mound Walker, A.L. 3:20
11   Oak Grove Church Don Reno 2:41
12   I'm in a New World Ellis, V.B. 2:30
13   Go Down Moses   - 1:37
14   Looking for the Stone   - 2:39

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03.04.2007 CD Rebel 7517