Out of the Shadows

Artist Paul Jackson, Jr.
Bewertung  von 5
Genre R&B
Label Atlantic
Erschienen 15.05.1990


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Make It Last Forever Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 5:04
2   All for You Paul Jackson, Jr. 5:02
3   Days Gone By Paul Jackson, Jr. 5:05
4   Encino Shuffle Paul Jackson, Jr., James Reese 5:53
5   The Way It Has to Be [*] Paul Jackson, Jr. 5:09
6   This Love's on Me Weider, Judy, Paul Jackson, Jr. 4:33
7   The New Jazz Swing Cornelius Mims 4:28
8   Road to Everlasting Paul Jackson, Jr. 5:13
9   My Thang Paul Jackson, Jr. 4:53
10   I Want Jesus to Walk With Me Public Doman 5:27
11   Make It Last Forever [Shocking Mix][*] Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 4:37
12   Encino Shuffle [Reese's Pieces Mix][*] Paul Jackson, Jr., James Reese 5:50

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Weitere Releases von Out of the Shadows

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
15.05.1990 CD Atlantic 82065-2
15.04.1990 LP Atlantic 82065
15.05.1990 Kassette Atlantic 82065-4
2008 CD Rhino Atlantic