Never Good Enough for You

Artist Killwhitneydead
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Tribunal Records
Erschienen 11.05.2004


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Where There's Smoke ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:46
2   I Didn't Know "I Love You" Came With a Knife in the Back ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:45
3   Duct Tape & Death Threats Horde, J., Horde, M. 1:31
4   The Fine and Subtle Art of Deception ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 2:12
5   I Already Have Enough Friends (Take Two) ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 2:23
6   Like You Didn't Hear Me the First Time ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:48
7   Love Is Like a Mouth Full of Broken Glass ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:54
8   You Life Knife Play? I Love Knife Play ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:14
9   You Will Get Exactly What You Deserve (And Not One Bullet Less) ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:57
10   Forgiveness Isn't as Much Fun as Holding a Grudge ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:31
11   Broken Hearts Don't Hurt as Much as Broken Bones ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 2:19
12   Bitterness Is a Beautiful Thing ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 2:24
13   She Didn't Look Like She Had a Disease Horde, J., Horde, M. 1:47
14   Who Said Alchohol and Handguns Didn't Go Great Together?/Breaking ... ?, Mike, Downing, Halford, Tipton, Killwhitneydead 1:56
15   It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 1:23
16   Reveng (My Part Time Lover) ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 0:47
17   Nothing Says "Party" Like Her Head on a Stick ?, Mike, Killwhitneydead 2:06

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11.05.2004 CD Tribunal Records 55