Hold You

Artist Gyptian
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Reggae
Label VP Records
Erschienen 20.07.2010


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   To Be Held   - 1:02
2   Beautiful Lady Ray Stephens, Windell Edwards 3:44
3   Call Gyptian Cleveland Brown, Windell Edwards, Wycliffe Johnson 3:24
4   All In You Cleveland Brown, Windell Edwards, Wycliffe Johnson, Lloyd Woodrow James 3:12
5   Hold You Windell Edwards 3:52
6   Nah Let Go Windell Edwards, Jon Crawford 3:19
7   Tease Me (Haffi Easy) Nigel Staff, Steve Locke, Adrian Locke, Windell Edwards 3:03
8   L.U=V0.E   - 1:55
9   Rendezvous Windell Edwards, Jon Crawford 3:44
10   So Much In Love Windell Edwards, Jon Crawford 3:57
11   Na Na Na (A Love Song) Windell Edwards, Jon Crawford 3:58
12   Drive Me Crazy Windell Edwards, Jon Crawford 3:01
13   Where You Belong Nkrumah "Jah" Thomas, Windell Edwards 5:30
14   Leave Us Alone Anthony Fairclough, Henry Lawes, Windell Edwards 3:58
15   Selah Windell Edwards, Jon Crawford 3:48

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Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
20.07.2010 CD VP Records 1867