Take Me Back

Artist Andraé Crouch (Andrae Crouch)
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Religious
Label Platinum Entertainment
Erschienen 1975


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   I'll Still Love You Andraé Crouch 3:55
2   Praises Andraé Crouch 4:27
3   Just Like He Said He Would Andraé Crouch 4:33
4   All I Can Say (I Really Love You) Andraé Crouch 4:05
5   You Can Depend on Me Earl Hines, Andraé Crouch, Louis Dunlap, Charlie Carpenter 3:22
6   Take Me Back Little Walter, Teddy Randazzo, Andraé Crouch 4:11
7   The Sweet Love of Jesus Andraé Crouch 3:20
8   It Ain't No New Thing Andraé Crouch 3:26
9   They Shall Be Mine Andraé Crouch 3:58
10   Oh Saviour Andraé Crouch 3:59
11   Tell Them Andraé Crouch 3:44

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Weitere Releases von Take Me Back

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
07.03.1995 Kassette Platinum Entertainment 161135
28.09.1993 CD Compendia Music Group 1135
28.01.2003 CD Light Records 4860