Pure Movie Moods

Artist Various Artists
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Soundtrack, Tonstreifen
Label Apace
Erschienen 29.08.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Honor Him [From Gladiator] Zimmer, H. 5:38
2   Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from the Godfather) Kusik, L., Meshel, B., Rota, N. 2:16
3   Chariots of Fire [From Chariots of Fire] Vangelis 3:24
4   Theme from Braveheart Horner, J. 2:57
5   Conquest of Paradise [From 1492 the Conquest of Paradise] Vangelis 4:49
6   Theme from American Beauty Newman, T. 3:15
7   Last Tango in Paris (Theme) [From Last Tango in Paris] Barbieri, G. 3:17
8   The Breaking of the Fellowship [From Lord of the Rings] Shore, H. 7:36
9   Jill's Theme [From Once Upon A Time in the West] Morricone, E. 3:17
10   An Ocean of Memories [From Titanic] James Horner 8:04
11   Theme from Taxi Driver Blume, D., Herrmann, B. 4:04
12   Theme from Schindlers List Perlman, I., Williams, J. 4:13
13   Claudias Theme [From Unforgiven] Eastwood, C. 5:34
14   Lake Song [From on Golden Pond] Grusin, D., Rosen, L.L. 3:10
15   Theme from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest [From One Flew Over the ...] Nitzsche, J. 2:16
16   Theme from Papillon Goldsmith, J. 2:26
17   A Love Before Time [From Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon] Caladrelli, J.M., Schamus, J., Tan, D. 3:37
18   Love Them from Chinatown Goldsmith, J. 2:01
19   Dueling Banjos [From Deliverance] A. Smith 3:06
20   Theme from Il Postino   - 1:57
21   Theme from Shakespeare in Love Warbeck, S. 5:04
22   Ride of the Valkyries [From Apocalypse Now] Wagner, R. 5:29
23   Pure Shores [From the Beach] Orbit, W., S. Lewis 4:26
24   Blue Velvet [From Blue Velvet] Morris, Wayne 2:47
25   Theme from Ben Hur Rosza, M. 3:32
26   Theme from Angela's Ashes Williams, J. 6:17
27   Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind [From Close ...] Williams, J. 3:48
28   Frankie & Johnny [From Frankie & Johnny] Public Domain, Traditional 3:08
29   Tubular Bells [From the Exorcist] Oldfield, M. 4:22
30   Theme from the English Patient Yared, G. 2:46

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29.08.2006 CD Apace 24