I'll Answer the Call

Artist Ralph Stanley
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Country
Label Rebel
Erschienen 1987


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   I'll Answer the Call Ralph Stanley 1:52
2   White Oak on the Hill Mike Todd 2:54
3   Let the Church Roll On Traditional 1:44
4   In His Arms I'm Not Afraid Carrick, B., Eanes, J. 3:58
5   Calling My Children Home Traditional 3:05
6   Everything's Alright Andrew Lloyd Webber, Emma Smith 2:19
7   Praying Hazel Houser 3:00
8   I'll Put on a Crown Albert E. Brumley 1:58
9   I'd Like to Talk It Over With Him Presley, L. 3:24
10   We Shall Sleep Vaughn, Chas W. 2:40
11   Daddy's Rose Earl Sykes 3:29
12   Welcome In Eanes, J., Lora Lowry 2:09

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26.06.2001 CD Rebel 1657
26.06.2001 Kassette Rebel 1657