Wrong Highway Blues

Artist Northern Lights
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Country
Label Flying Fish
Erschienen ??.10.1993


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Living Without You Taylor Armerding 4:19
2   Climb a Tall Mountain John Pennell 3:26
3   Guns of November Paul Mellyn 5:32
4   Sunny Side of Blue Bill Henry 3:39
5   Fisherman's Lament Bill Henry 3:46
6   Walking Away Bill Henry 4:58
7   Wrong Highway Blues Taylor Armerding 4:01
8   Holding On Bill Henry 4:05
9   Bus Stop Kroop, Mike 3:51
10   Give Me Back Tomorrow John Pennell 3:35
11   Ray of Hope Bill Henry 3:43
12   Soldier of the Cross Lorin Rowan 3:42

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Weitere Releases von Wrong Highway Blues

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
15.02.1994 CD Flying Fish FF-70632
15.02.1994 Kassette Flying Fish FF-90632