Don't Have any More Mrs. Moore

Artist Lily Morris
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Vokalmusik
Label Old Bean Music/Records (UK)
Erschienen 27.08.2002


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   What Are You Going to Do About Selina? Magee, Harry Castling 2:55
2   Only a Working Man Holt, Rule 2:48
3   The Old Apple Tree McGhee, Harry Castling 2:43
4   Don't Have Any More, Missus Moore Walsh, Harry Castling 2:56
5   We All Said "No! " Harry Castling 2:50
6   What's to Be Done Harry Castling 2:45
7   Which of the Three? Graham, McGhee 2:40
8   Why Am I Always the Bridesmaid? Graham, McGhee 2:55
9   Truly Rural Marcus 2:44
10   Say Goodbye Marcus 2:42
11   Mrs. Scott McGhee, Walsh 2:47
12   Tiddley Hi Bedford, Wallace 3:08
13   Since Our Mother's Been a Lady Walsh 2:33
14   That's Where the Soldiers Go. McGhee, Walsh 2:23
15   The Wives of Commerical Travellers Flannigan 3:06
16   Charlie Sarony 3:13
17   Don't Have Any More, Mrs. Moore Walsh, Harry Castling 3:37
18   Truly Rural Marcus 3:47
19   Because He Loves Me Harry Castling 3:44
20   That's Where the Soldiers Go McGhee, Walsh 3:36
21   The Old Apple Tree/Don't Have Any More Mrs. Moore [Live] McGhee, Walsh, Harry Castling 7:45

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27.08.2002 CD Old Bean Music/Records (UK) 504