Sky Didn't Fall

Artist Kathryn Tickell (Kathryn Tickell/Corrina Hewat)
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Welt
Label Park
Erschienen 27.02.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Favourite Place, No. 1 Tickell, Kathleen, Corrina Hewat 1:06
2   Brig Set: Peewits Hornpipe/Brig O Perth/Left Handed Fiddler Skinner, JS, Tickell, Traditional 3:33
3   Brose: Brose and Butter/Bob and Joan/Drops of Brandy Traditional 5:24
4   Jamie   - 3:16
5   Mike to Mutt: Mike's Waltz/Ian Macdonald's Jigg/Mutt's Jig/Mutt's Favou Holland, J, Katz, M, Corrina Hewat 4:52
6   Fause, Fause   - 3:17
7   Hawthorn: Hawthorn/Elmo Lives Downstairs/Dolina Mackay MacInnes, Dr John, Tickell, K, Corrina Hewat 6:54
8   Felton Lonnen: Felton Lonnen/O Can Ye Sew Cushions? Handle, J, Traditional 3:41
9   The Lads: Dover Lads/Cameron Highlanders Skinner, J.S., Traditional 2:40
10   My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose Robert Burns 3:21
11   Favourite Place, No. 2: Favourite Place/My Favourite Place/Cheviot Hill Tickell, K, Corrina Hewat, Traditional 10:41

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28.03.2007 CD Park 88