Are You for Real?

Artist Jerry Lewis
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Comedy/Spoken
Label Jasmine Records
Erschienen 04.07.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Are You for Real? Dane, Pober 2:47
2   I Love a Murder Mystery Pober 3:02
3   I'm a Little Busybody Pober 2:54
4   Sunday Driving Pober 2:41
5   The Navy Gets the Gravy David, Livingston 2:10
6   Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Polka Pober 2:03
7   I Like It I Like It David, Livingston 2:46
8   I'll Tell a Policeman on You David, Livingston 2:42
9   I Love Girls Dodd 2:47
10   Lay Something on the Bar Austin, Smith 2:33
11   North Dakota South Dakota Borne, Shapiro 2:20
12   The Book Was So Much Better Than the Picture Leven 2:33
13   The Noisy Eater Copp 6:37
14   I Can't Carry a Tune Marks, Artie Quenzer 2:43
15   Crazy Words Crazy Tune Ager, Yellen 2:24
16   I Keep Her Picture Hanging Upside Down Hatch, Artie Quenzer 3:05
17   They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me Fisher, McCarthy 2:32
18   The Nagger Foster, Livingston 6:36
19   Strictly for the Birds Brown, Lear, Simmons 2:41
20   I've Had a Very Merry Christmas Borne, Shapiro 2:37
21   Y-Y-Y-Yup Bagdasarian 2:10
22   Candelabra Boogie Alch, Thompson 2:09
23   The Puppydog Dream Foster 5:46
24   Never Smile at a Crocodile Churchill, Lawrence 2:43
25   Following the Leader Hibler, Sears, Wallace 2:37

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04.07.2006 CD Jasmine Records 441