Love Songs for Jesus

Artist Dobby Dobson
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Reggae
Label Dobby Dobson
Erschienen 10.06.2008


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Lord, I Owe You Chater, Roberts 4:02
2   Falling in Love with Jesus Butler, Jonathan K. 4:22
3   For Those Tears I Died Stevens, Marsha J. & Russ 4:11
4   He Touched Me Gaither, Bill 5:08
5   One Day at a Time Wilkins, MaryJohn, Kris Kristofferson 3:45
6   Jesus Is My Daddy-O   - 3:47
7   The Water Is Troubled Medley   - 5:34
8   It Soon Be Done Medley   - 4:19
9   This World Is Not My Home Medley   - 4:08
10   I Will Enter His Gates Medley   - 5:00

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10.06.2008 CD Dobby Dobson