Addicted to Drama

Artist Blackjack
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rap
Label Tommy Boy
Erschienen 29.10.1996


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Intro   - 1:44
2   Fuck Your Life Cole, S., Green, T., Reed, G., Shiloh, D., J. Ward 4:29
3   On da Slunda Ellis, J., Husbands, G., Reed, G. 4:09
4   Would U Die 4 Me Love, C., Reed, G., Shiloh, D. 3:47
5   Young G's Perspective Reed, G., Shiloh, D., Spain, A., Rick Spain, Chester Wallace 4:38
6   So Many Ways Breed, A., Reed, G., B. Thompson 3:49
7   Cold World Reed, G., Shiloh, D. 3:58
8   Whatever It Takes Green, T., Reed, G., Shiloh, D. 4:04
9   Can't Lose 2 Tha Game Green, T., Reed, G. 3:52
10   Living for Today Green, T., Jones, S., Reed, G. 3:57
11   Nine of Em' Green, T., Reed, G., Shiloh, D., A. Tyler 4:52
12   No Love Green, T., Reed, G., Harry Warren 4:20
13   Addicted to Drama Green, T., Reed, G., Shiloh, D., R.L. Green 3:39
14   Shit Don't Stop Reed, G., Shiloh, D. 2:28

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Weitere Releases von Addicted to Drama

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
29.10.1996 LP Tommy Boy 3034
29.10.1996 CD Tommy Boy 3034
29.10.1996 Kassette Tommy Boy 3034