Bring You Home

Artist Ronan Keating
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Polydor
Erschienen 13.06.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Friends in Time Carmody, S., O'Byrne, D. 5:44
2   This I Promise You Barry, P., Keating, R. 3:55
3   All Over Again Goodrum, R., Mescall, D. 4:31
4   Iris Johnny Rzeznik 4:08
5   To Be Loved Hector, W., Mac, S. 3:04
6   Superman Berry, P., Keating, R. 4:19
7   It's So Easy Lovin' You Hector, W., Keating, R., Robson, S. 4:08
8   Back in the Backseat Hector, W., Mac, S. 3:39
9   Bring You Home Barry, P., Keating, R., Taylor, M. 3:16
10   Hello Again Diamond, N., Lindgren, A. 4:02
11   Just When I'd Given Up Dreaming Keating, R., Marx, R. 4:17
12   (We Just Need) Time Alexander, G., Keating, R., McNally, J. 3:54
13   So Far Away Hardiman, R., Musker, F. 3:55

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Weitere Releases von Bring You Home

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
07.10.2008 CD Polydor 58406
27.06.2006 CD Universal International 840
2006 CD Polydor 827
17.10.2006 CD Phantom Records (England) 1707437