Dreams Don't Count

Artist Jules Shear
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Rock
Label Mad Dragon Records
Erschienen 14.03.2006


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Bad Connection Jules Shear 4:25
2   I Want to Fall Jules Shear 4:32
3   You Anymore Jules Shear 3:54
4   Nothing's Changed Jules Shear 3:12
5   Do What They Want Jules Shear 3:12
6   Accustomed to the Clearness Jules Shear 4:20
7   Wherever Jules Shear 4:13
8   Sinners Who Believed Jules Shear 4:11
9   Remembering You Jules Shear 3:50
10   An Important Part Jules Shear 3:00
11   Used to It Jules Shear 2:33
12   Dreams Don't Count Jules Shear 4:44

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Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
21.02.2006 CD Mad Dragon Records 940060