James L. Venable

James L. Venable

Iron Monkey, film score (2001 release)
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Sätze in Iron Monkey, film score (2001 release)

# Satz
1 Iron Monkey on the Roof (Main Titled)
2 Dead Bird/Iron Monkey Fight
3 Fox's Paranoia/Flying
4 Don't Be Greedy/Many Iron Monkeys/Wong's Fight
5 Wong Fights Iron Monkey
6 Sad Wong
7 Cooking Montage
8 Wong's Son
9 Shaolin Monk Fight/Ugly Virgin Fight
10 Iron Monkey Recognized/Miss Orchid's Flashback
11 Governor's Intruder
12 Iron Monkey's Charade/Open the Warehouse/Fei-Hong Sees
13 Fei-Hong's Charade/Fei-Hong Fights Again
14 Street Band/Evil Royal Minister
15 Poetic Justice/Iron Monkey Fights Woman/Buddha's Palm
16 Bleeding Iron Monkey
17 Plan of Attack
18 Who's That Knocking/Tearful Goodbye
19 Miss Orchid Shows Her Stuff/Witch Vs. Kid
20 Fei-Hong's Rescue
21 New Governor's Band/Farewell

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Iron Monkey [Original Soundtrack] von James L. VenableIron Monkey [Original Soundtrack] von James L. Venable
Iron Monkey [Original Soundtrack]
James L. Venable
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