Close to the Edge

Artist Diamond Rio
Bewertung  von 5
Genre Country
Label BMG Special Products
Erschienen 1992


# Song Komponist Dauer
1   Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby Michael Garvin, Tom Shapiro 3:16
2   In a Week or Two James House, Gary Burr 3:00
3   It Does Get Better Than This Robert Ellis Orrall, Billy Spencer 3:25
4   Sawmill Road Sam Hogin, Jim McBride, Dan Truman 4:49
5   Calling All Hearts (Come Back Home) Kimes, Wade, Monty Powell, Kent Blazy 3:07
6   This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet Jimmy Olander, Eric Silver 2:44
7   I Was Meant to Be With You Tim DuBois, Monty Powell, Marty Roe, Debi Cochran 3:17
8   Old Weakness (Coming on Strong) Monty Powell, Chapin Hartford 3:18
9   Demons and Angels Judy Rodman, Ronnie Samoset 3:18
10   Nothing in This World Jimmy Olander, Eric Silver 3:01
11   Close to the Edge Johnson, Gene C., Carl Jackson 2:35

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Weitere Releases von Close to the Edge

Datum Typ Label Katalog-Nr.
05.02.2002 CD BMG Special Products 46682
Kassette Arista 18656-4
1992 CD Arista 18656-2
01.04.2001 Kassette BMG Special Products 45796
01.04.2001 CD BMG Special Products 45796